"With a love like that, you know you should be glad."
                                                                                            -  The Beatles, "She Loves You"


Ska-punk drummer. Editor. Bad-ass bassist. All-around tough chick.

Annette was born and raised in the Philippines. She studied at all-girls' school Miriam College, then attended the University of the Philippines, where she got a degree in Film. Annette met fame, fortune and various earplugs early, while banging on the skins for the all-girl, pop-punk trio Fatal Posporos.

After college, she began editing news videos for GMA-7, one of the country's leading TV networks. Along the way, she found time to host the quirky TV show, In The Raw, aired on UnTV, the television arm of  NU107, the country's only rock radio station.

In 2004, Annette left the homeland for the United States. She dabbled in purveying electronics before seeking out what she knew best -- playing the drums, editing videos for an automobile show, discovering Southern California and falling in love.

These days, Annette has added the bass to her repertoire of instruments, and weilds it regularly for the rock band Random Ninjas. She still plays the drums for Asian Metallica cover band Trapped Under Rice, and is everyone's go-to person for great restaurants in Little Tokyo


Bassist, pianist, guitarist, producer, programmer, company glue, hella good cook. Dennis (or as Annette calls him, Densho), is good at everything he does -- so we all forgive him for being endearingly arrogant. Born in the Philippines, Dennis was raised in Nueva Ecija and Quezon City.  The Diaz family, all stellar musicians, made sure he could form a C chord at age five.  So Dennis honed his musical talents at the Ateneo, impressing and terrorizing even his much older Jesuit schoolmates by playing impeccable renditions of both local and foreign new wave songs at school auditoriums in fifth grade.

The Diaz family moved to Southern California when Dennis was a teenager, and in Diamond Bar, Dennis pursued his dream of being a professional musician, studying bass and majoring in Commercial/Jazz Music at Cal Poly.  His musical ventures were varied and many: a top 40 band, a wedding band, a Christian church band, a new metal band, an RnB/funk band -- even playing piano at Nordstrom during Christmas.  In the end, the geek in him decided music had to subsist with another passion: technology.  He went back to school to study Information Technology and became everyone's favorite systems administrator.

These days, Dennis plays the piano and produces music for various Fil-Am bands, and guitar in Asian Metallica cover band Trapped Under Rice.  He's also developing an eye for photography in the hopes of becoming a good videographer someday.

*Both bios were written by Lille Bose

The Proposal

Last May 16, 2009 was the Asian Heritage Street Celebration in San Francisco where Random Ninjas was invited to perform.  While the band was waiting for their turn on the stage, Dennis decided to "walk around the area". 
With his Sony point and shoot camera, he decided to record this.

After the show, when all of the band's gear has been put away, Dennis asks for him and Annette to be left behind.  He said he would take a stroll with his lady.
He then takes her to the spot, and to Annette's surprise, goes down on one knee...
     DENNIS:       "will you marry me?"
     ANNETTE:   "HUH?!!, are you kidding me?"
Dennis takes something out of his pocket, a ring.  Annette touches the ring...
     ANNETTE:   "whoa, it's real!"  *grins*  "SURE!" 
Dennis puts the ring on her finger, and they hug...  and then they take pictures...
Of course neither knew that the ring should be on the left....


"...Ooh, you were meant to be near me
Ooh, and I want you to hear me
Say we'll be together every day

Got to get you into my life..."
                                                                     - The Beatles, "Got To Get You Into My Life"