"And our friends are all aboard,
Many more of them live next door,
And the band begins to play..."
                                                                                               - The Beatles, "Yellow Submarine"


Lille is a freelance writer who has worked on several major publications
both here and abroad.  Born and raised in Manila, she moved to California in 2003.  She has since then worked as a music editor, features writer, press photographer;  lived in different cities and states; starred in a documentary about her life;  had a Riverside county film/print commercial and billboard; and has performed in various clubs and cafes as a singer/guitarist-songwriter.

She was Dennis' first roommate back in Chino,
and Annette's premier concert buddy.

CARLO DIAZ   -   Best Man

Carlo is Dennis' brother, the youngest among four siblings.  Software engineer,
web master, gamer, band leader and retired kung-fu master,
he has armed himself with a wicked 6-string PRS guitar
and, to this day, continuously unleashes his fury as Full Metal Ninja.

He played in a band called X-Syndrome with Dennis, and is currently
bandmates with Annette in Random Ninjas, which he formed back in 2004. 

TED REYES   -   Performing Best Man

Teddy is one of Dennis' closest friends from LaSalle High School back in Manila.
A true blue Beatlemaniac, he was in a band heavily influenced by
the Fab Four (check out his Rickenbacker) and was signed under BMG Pilipinas -
where he was labelmates with Annette's old band.

Migrating to New York City didn't stop Teddy from writing and recording hooky pop songs.  At present, he is in two bands, Happy Analogues and Bleud, and is one of the most active mobilizers of the Fil-Am music community in NYC.

MICHELLE MAPA   -   Bridesmaid

Mitch was Dennis' former roommate in Culver City.  Barely around for the most part, it wasn't until she moved out that she has been
actively hanging out with Annette and Dennis.
She's Annette's bike, coffee, dessert and beer galpal.

Born and raised in Manila, she relocated to Los Angeles permanently in 2006. 
This former medical biller is currently pursuing studies in Pharmacy Technology.

TINA TSAI   -   Bridesmaid

If you're a parent who lives on the east side of Los Angeles or Covina,
and you value your kids' education, you might want to consider
enrolling your child in a supplemental learning center. 
You should contact Tina.

When this multi-tasking,
tea-loving (she got Annette hooked on Tea Station milk teas!) fiction writer, educator, businesswoman, doctor of education(!)
isn't personally overseeing all her schools, you can probably
find her doing laps in an Olympic-sized pool.  

HENRY MENDOZA   -   Groomsman

Dennis went to college with Henry in Pomona. 
Henry also went to high school with the other groomsman, Patrick. 
This jazz pianist is also a dance instructor at the studio
Dennis' mom frequents...  It's a small world after all! (hehe)

Henry is Dennis' idol.  Dennis stole Henry's Beatles Songbook but had to return it
after Henry found out and asked for it back.


PATRICK TANEGA   -   Groomsman

Patrick is Dennis' current roommate in Culver City. 
This gearhead, multi-instrumentalist (Trapped Under Rice's bassist)
is also a health buff and organic cook who has influenced both Dennis
and Annette to eat better (and drink)....
He also got Dennis drunk on some good scotch at one point (haha).

Patrick is active in the Fil-Am cultural scene. 
He has been touring with the only LA-based rondalla group worldwide. 
He is presently trying to learn Tagalog with the help of a
Filipino Language iPhone app.

The Fab Four

Ring Bearer

Weezy is Annette's nephew
- her eldest sister's son, from Manila.


Iann is Annette's Godson and nephew - a first cousin's son, from Arizona.


Enzo is a son of one of Dennis' closest friends
from LaSalle High School, who now
resides in Encino, CA.

Flower Girl

Bea is Annette's niece
- her older brother's daughter,
from Australia.