One month to go! -  
I can't believe we're down to our last month of being single.  Time marches on...
Mercy Morris (aka Nayma)
3/12/2010 07:15:30 pm

Yeah, mon! Mabuhay!!!

Finally, my dear friend's getting married! I rally want to see you on your wedding day. But since I have 2 "makulits" with me, it's nearly impossible.

I am so happy for you, annette. I wish you and Dennis happy years together.

Love you, my friend.

3/28/2010 06:56:44 pm

I like the "50% Single" t-shirt Dennis was wearing yesterday lol.

Well I'm even more excited for you guys after getting a sneak peak at the Automobile Driving Museum today, your wedding's gonna ROCK!! ^_^

- Lyn


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